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As a preliminary note and for the due effects, it is clarified that the references made in this document to the "ICU" refer to the Portuguese companies of the nutry4ALL Group, except where clearly the other direction is given to them.

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These Terms of Use describe the legal conditions applicable to all Users accessing one of the nutry4ALL sites in Portugal, regardless of whether access to the site - or any part of it - is dependent on or pre-registration by the User .



Nutry4All, Unipessoal Lda

Rua Pedro Nunes n 2B, 1050 - 171 Lisboa


Trade in nutritional products on-line



The nutry4ALL websites make available to its users content relating to the supplementation, nutrition, food and other analogues in text, image and video format, and access to some of this content may depend on the User's previous registration, under the terms set forth below.

Information contained on nutry4ALL sites should not be construed as therapeutic recommendations, nor in any way replace the advice and recommendations of specialized health professionals, and should not be relied upon to provide detailed information on particular and specific situations. In any case, nutry4ALL does not guarantee that the quality, functionalities and / or characteristics of any products, services or information made available on the websites, meet the expectations of the User in relation to them, as there are some variables that depend exclusively on the user , as respect for daily doses, knowledge of allergic effects, previous pathologies among others.

Users may freely view the contents available and reproduce them exclusively for private purposes and / or professional use, in accordance with the rules established below regarding the "Use". The use of the nutry4ALL sites for commercial purposes, for illegal purposes and / or for any other that may, directly or indirectly, be considered harmful to the image and good name of nutry4ALL or any company of the nutry4ALL Group is expressly prohibited.

The use and browsing in the Sites of nutry4ALL may allow or even lead to links to other sites, as well as refer to information, questions, opinions, ideas, suggestions and / or even comments placed by the Users of those other sites. In such cases, the links are provided solely for the convenience and accessibility of the User, and in no case does there exist any relationship between nutry4ALL and the owner or manager of the website to which the link may refer, or the acceptance or approval by nutry4ALL of any of the contents, services or products available there. To this extent, nutry4ALL is not responsible for the content of third-party websites, and your access and visit are the sole responsibility of the User.

The User acknowledges the right of Nutry4ALL to be able to limit the access and publication in its websites of opinions, information and / or comments of Users, and may install, if it so wishes, selection filters for this purpose. Nutry4ALL also reserves the right to change the presentation, configuration and location of its sites, as well as modify, suspend or interrupt its options and functionalities, as well as the conditions and access requirements, at any time and without the need of early warning.

4. USE

The User undertakes to make a correct, prudent and appropriate use of the nutry4ALL websites, with strict respect for these Terms of Use and any additional instructions that may be communicated or made available by nutry4ALL on their websites.

In the event that access to and use of a particular nutry4ALL site requires prior registration, the User undertakes to keep confidential the password and the username assigned or created by him, which are personal and non-transferable. The user is solely responsible for not divulging to third parties his / her password and username and for not surfing the Internet in conditions that allow its decoding and eventual access or copy by third parties.

The User undertakes not to use the websites of nutry4ALL in a manner that may prevent, disrupt or degrade its normal operation and access by other Users or in terms that may cause, directly or indirectly, any damages to nutry4ALL, its suppliers , to other Users and / or to any third party. The User undertakes, in particular, to:

Not to use the nutry4ALL sites or their contents for commercial purposes, or that are in any way remunerated;
Do not reproduce, post or make available the contents of nutry4ALL's websites on other websites, on a personal blog and / or in any other environment (whether or not the Internet), without reference to copyright and / or other proprietary rights intellectual;
Do not modify, transform, erase, damage, destroy or eliminate the content made available on nutry4ALL's websites, being prohibited any kind of deletion, addition or alteration, as well as any form of making available to third parties the contents deleted, added or altered ;
Do not reproduce, distribute, commercialize, transmit, make available to the public and / or sub-license the content made available on nutry4ALL's websites, unless expressly authorized by nutry4ALL;
Not to use the contents of the sites in a way that is considered illegal, or in conjunction with or association with images or other content that contains pornography, acts of violence or incitement to violence, unlawful, unfair, obscene or defamatory acts with respect to any persons and / or property or that promote racial or sexual discrimination;
Not to use the contents of nutry4ALL sites in terms that directly or indirectly violate: (i) the intellectual property rights of nutry4ALL, the other Nutry4ALL Group companies and / or third parties, (ii) third party personality rights , such as the right to image and the reservation of private life; (iii) personal data protection rules (iv) confidentiality duties or that (v) in general, may negatively affect the image of nutry4ALL or any other Nutry4ALL Group company;
Do not put on the sites any information, opinions or comments, especially those that in any way infringe on the rights of third parties and / or the image of nutry4ALL or any other company of the nutry4ALL Group;
Do not introduce or disseminate through nutry4ALL websites, viruses, computer codes, files or any program that may damage, alter or erase the content made available on the sites, as well as interrupt, destroy or limit the functionality of any computer, computer system or communications;
Do not post or otherwise make available on nutry4ALL's websites links to other websites and / or any messages, including messages of an advertising or commercial nature;
You do not access or attempt to access the nutry4ALL sites through other means or procedures that are available through nutry4ALL, namely by breaching or attempting to breach any authentication or security system that protects access accounts, servers, services or networks or affect the functionality and availability of nutry4ALL sites;
Not to use technical or logical resources through which any third party can directly or indirectly benefit from the contents of the sites, namely through insertion or creation of a hypertext link or similar to the sites, without prejudice to the provisions below on the subject of "Intellectual Property";
Do not create a false identity, except in the case of pseudonyms (nicknames, nicknames) or in any way impersonate another person, singular or collective, nor to use the password and third-party username to access the sites;
Do not collect, store or make available, in any format, personal information that you may have regarding other Users;
Do not remove any notice of copyright, trademark, logo or other identifying elements contained in the sites;
Do not use the sites or their content to make available or transmit any unsolicited or unauthorized content, in particular to send mass mailing and / or repetitive e-mail to third parties.



The information contained in nutry4ALL's websites is the property of nutry4ALL, and therefore belongs exclusively to the structure, selection, organization and presentation of its content, including its features and the software used on the sites.

All texts, graphics, videos, images or other elements contained in the sites, belong exclusively to nutry4ALL or the entities that authorized their use.

The User will respect and enforce third parties the intellectual property rights on the sites, refraining from (i) using them for purposes not listed in these Terms of Use without the express permission of nutry4ALL, and (ii) reproducing, modifying, transforming, decompiling, distributing, making available to third parties and using modified forms of software, in particular for the purpose of obtaining unauthorized access to the sites.

The User authorizes Nutry4ALL, free of charge, to use, in any way, in whole or in part, the information made available on the sites, including their reproduction, distribution and making available to the public, as well as to modify and transformation, for the purpose of promoting the sites and disclosing the information contained therein, without prejudice to the protection of personal data contained in the Privacy Policy.

The intellectual property rights over the trademarks, logos or other identifying elements contained in the sites belong to their respective entities, and the User may not use them in any way without express and prior authorization thereof.

The use of the contents of the sites, when expressly and previously authorized, should make clear mention of its source, that is to say, nutry4ALL and the URL of the sites. In this case, the provision of the contents to third parties must be made in a way that prevents its reproduction, modification and / or transformation, and informing the corresponding user of nutry4ALL's liability conditions for the contents, in accordance with the following point.



Without prejudice to the legal regime of civil liability, nutry4ALL will not be responsible to the User, namely:

For loss of profits, indirect damages, loss or damage to data;
For any damages suffered by the User and / or third parties resulting from the use or impossibility of using the sites due to delays, interruptions, errors, interferences and suspensions of communications and loss of information in this sequence, namely any deficiencies or failures caused by the communications network or third party communications services, the computer system, the modems, the software, or any computer viruses, or from downloading infected files or containing viruses or other property that may affect the user's terminal equipment, it does not install the appropriate software to protect access to the Internet;
For delays or blockages in the use of the sites that are caused by deficiencies or unpredictable overload of computer systems, namely, failures in accessing the sites;
For any damages suffered by the user and / or third parties that may arise from any suspension, non-operation or unauthorized use of the servers on which the sites are hosted and / or all information and data hosted therein;
For possible errors or security deficiencies that may arise from your use of an outdated or insecure browser, as well as the activation of the user's password conservation devices and usernames, or for damages, errors or inaccuracies that may result from the malfunction of the same;
By the use of the password and username by unauthorized third parties, that is attributable to the user or third parties;
For the correctness, timeliness, accuracy or veracity of any advice, recommendation or information made available on the sites, as well as for any damages suffered by the User and / or third parties, resulting from errors, omissions, inaccuracies and outdated information provided on the sites;
For eventual information of any kind is made available by users on the sites;
By the results obtained through hyperlinks, it is not guaranteed to nutry4ALL that they are correct, true, updated or complete;
For the operation, availability and accessibility of the websites to which the sites refer through links, continuity of information, content and services on those sites, quality, legality, reliability, correctness and usefulness of the information, contents and services existing therein, as well as for any information, product or service that may be advertised on banners or any form of advertising on the sites;
For the non-performance or defective fulfillment of your obligations under these Terms of Use that are, directly or indirectly, resulting from compliance with judicial decisions or administrative authorities;
By the incorrect and illicit use of the sites and / or their contents by the User;
Failure to comply with this Agreement results in defective performance resulting from situations of force majeure, ie situations beyond the control of the nutry4ALL, such as fire, power outages, explosions, wars, riots, civil unrest, governmental decisions , strikes, earthquakes, floods or other natural disasters or situations that prevent or impair the fulfillment of the obligations assumed.



The users will receive the invoice by email always after the formalization of the purchase. You will be sent a tracking number of the order that can be tracked via a hyperlink to the carrier's website or, if applicable, you can follow the status of the order in your reserved area, respecting the data insertion deadlines on the nutry4ALL website and / or carrier.

When logging in, the user will have the possibility to visualize in his personal area all the history of purchases pending or carried out.

All orders will follow your natural delivery process, only on business days, with the exception of regional holidays only. Buyers will be able to request the delivery in an exceptional way, be it deadlines or days of delivery, directly supporting the allusions to urgent processing. The orders are delivered, at the address that the buyer indicates in the formalization of the payment.

The customer can receive his orders in the addresses he understands, and sections will be excluded, for obvious reasons. Orders will be delivered on weekdays from 08:00 am to 7:00 p.m., at the indicated address without the option of choosing time from the buyer, given the logistics and operability. You may also place orders at CTT stations, carrier or other designated locations assigned by nutry4ALL. Up to three delivery attempts will be made, which unsuccessfully returns the order to nutry4ALL and will be returned to buyer.

Users are advised to enter the correct data, as incomplete or incomplete delivery address will lead to their return to nutry4ALL, resulting in additional costs, borne by the users, as this is strengthened when registering the order for correct insertion and confirmation of all data. Once processed and finalized, no changes to the data previously authorized will be possible.

The user may choose to pick it up at a place designated by him when purchasing it, using the "pick me" service. You can only collect after receipt of information indicating the availability of the order for delivery, either by SMS or by email. Therefore, nutry4all requests the correct insertion of personal data to optimize all deliveries. It is important to note that the pick me service will only be available for orders with a maximum of 15 kg. The user will have 10 working days to pick up the order, and at the end of the term the order will be returned to the origin without prior notice.


If the delivery is not successful, the recipient will be informed by means of a notice, in order to contact the carrier to reschedule a new delivery, it must be made within a maximum of 5 consecutive days, because on the sixth day the order will be returned to nutry4all.


The order will be delivered either at the indicated address or at any other point designated by the buyer or attributed, exceptionally by the carrier or nutry4ALL. In case of failure of delivery the article, will be left notification of the follow up of the process. It can be picked up at the post office or at the Worten stores adhering to the delivery process. The maximum period for picking up each order is set at three business days, which will result in the return of the same article to nutry4ALL and consequent costs to the buyer. It is important that the buyer be accompanied by the notification as well as some element of identification required by the faithful custodian of the order. A third party may proceed with the removal of the order, provided that it has the respective notification duly signed by the buyer, as well as submit a copy of a legally accepted identification document for comparison of signatures.

Whenever it is impracticable for the carrier to make the respective notification, either for incorrect or incomplete data provided, namely at the address, the order will be returned immediately to nutry4ALL, based on the absence of notification and respective information duty.

All deliveries at the address indicated by the user will be delivered between 09:00 and 19:00 and may be changed with express indication of the recipient, upon availability of the carrier.


Continental Portugal

After good payment of any payment, which will translate into the formalization of the purchase and the respective shipment of the order, nutry4ALL guarantees delivery within a maximum of 48 hours, and the order can reach the recipient before this deadline.

Archipelagos of the Azores and Madeira
The term will vary according to the urgency of the buyer, since here will be established costs at your expense. These shipments are only guaranteed by CTT EXPRESSO, so the deadline may vary according to the chosen shipping mode, see tables attached to the site.


All shipping costs follow evaluation parameters in order to bring the lowest possible cost. So they are calculated directly by internal computer systems and with the help and supervision of the carriers for efficient synergies in the protection of orders and respect of deadlines. These factors:

  • Volume or weight of the order, the highest being prevailing;
  • Total value of the order, benefiting from free deliveries for purchases equal to or greater than € 30 for mainland Portugal;
  • Other destinations will have variable value and we suggest the previous consultation of the tables in exas to the site;
  • Tables and tariffs of carriers, which may change at any time.



Any pre-paid order means those paid through Credit Card, PayPal, ATM or Bank Transfer, which is not claimed by the buyer and in this case returned to nutry4ALL for reasons not attributable to nutry4ALL or the carrier, following:

  • Nutry4ALL will refund the amount paid by it;
  • This return will be deducted all the costs of either shipping, or the return;
  • The return shall be carried out by means of the medium which causes less damage to nutry4ALL;
  • The buyer may choose to translate the return on credit in a future purchase on the same platform / site, and may have it until a maximum period of 12 months from the date of purchase.

In the event that the buyer has requested to be sent to the collection and the return of the order fulfills the requirements of failure of delivery above, without direct responsibility of the sender and the carrier, nutry4ALL will charge a fee of 6.5 € in a future order. Facing the costs of sending and returning the order once returned.

We suggest that when sending an email to nutry4all, it will come with as much information as possible to facilitate the identification of the order. Name, address, order number and form of payment. In case of return with exchange for a higher value product, as well as payment made in advance the rate of 6.5 € will be exempt.

If the reason for non-delivery is due to the carrier without liability to the buyer, the customer should send in duplicate a complaint either to the carrier or to the nutry4all in order to analyze the situation in a continuous manner and with the least damage to all parts.

Whenever non-delivery is due to anomalous aspects such as: incorrect or incomplete address, we ask the buyer to attach a proof of address (TV, water, light) to the claim.

Nutry4all will ensure the best solution for all parties, once the responsibilities have been cleared against the malfunction. Being for such provided the refund, settlement in new purchase or then collection of the postage in orders returned for reasons unrelated to nutry4all.


The buyer is allowed to cancel any purchase or order intention, if payment is missing or the same is in internal transit for shipment. After payment to cancel, you should send an email to Geral@nutry4all.com explaining the reason for the cancellation as well as the change to the purchase, after which you will receive detailed information about the cancellation. Nutry4all reserves the right to accept cancellation and its return.


In the event that the buyer feels the need to make a return, he may do so within 15 days after receipt of the products, if they are found without any damage to the packaging or violation of the same, thus keeping it original.

You can request via the email address geral@nutry4all.com and the amount paid can be returned or will serve as credit for future purchase.
The points won will be withdrawn.

If the purchase includes any promotion or campaign whose purpose is to offer one or more products all the products involved must be returned intact as they were sent.

The buyer must send the products and articles to the address below:
Nutry4all Unipessoal, Lda
Rua Pedro Nunes n 2B, 1050 - 171 Lisboa

Any attempt to return items that prove to have been infringed, unused, used or belonging to a set and are incomplete, failing to comply with the return aspects will not be accepted.

They are included in the non-acceptance of return of all products whose shelf life is less than 2 months as well as products acquired through nutrypoints.

The responsibility for the proper packaging and shipping of returned products will be borne by the buyer, if the packaging demonstrates any kind of damage the return will be rejected.


The procedure for exchanges is the same as in the previous explanation of "Returns".


For nutry4all the satisfaction of our customers is a priority and as such will do everything, for reimbursements to take effect in the most possible way, it is important that returns of products comply with the deadlines described and safeguarded. Refunds will be processed no later than 15 days after receipt.

Payments made by paypal or credit card will be returned to the account and card and can be confirmed in the respective extracts.

Other forms of payment will be requested bank details to proceed with the returns.

If you opt for a refund through a discount coupon, it will have a validity of 12 months, at the end of the term you will lose the buyer the right to a refund.


The shipping costs can only be refunded if the reasons for the return are the responsibility of nutry4all. As an example the exchange of products or defect thereof. This refund does not apply if multiple products have been ordered and only one product has an anomaly. This fact, does not invalidate the same product.



Nutry4ALL may, at any time and regardless of prior notice, terminate access to one or more sites, either one, several or all Users.

Nutry4ALL also reserves the right to suspend, in whole or in part, or immediately cease access to one or more sites, in the following cases:

Violation by the User of any of his obligations contained in these Terms of Use;
Termination of the accommodation agreement with the entity providing it;
By legal imposition or by competent judicial or administrative authority;
In case of operations of management, maintenance, repair, alteration or modernization of the sites.
The suspension or termination of one or more sites, for any reason, does not matter the User's right to any compensation or compensation.


Nutry4ALL reserves the right at any time, without prior notice and with immediate effect, to modify, totally or partially, these Terms of Use.

It is the duty of the User to consult the Terms of Use in each access that he makes to the websites, and he must refrain from using them in case he does not agree with any of his rules.


The personal data of the users will be collected and processed according to the legal rules in force and in accordance with the Privacy Policy contained in the sites and available in Privacy Policy.


Any questions or clarifications about these Terms of Use, as well as requests for authorization to use the contents of the sites outside the circumstances expressly authorized herein, should be directed to nutry4ALL through the following e-mail address: geral@nutry4all.com

Or you can do so directly through your reserved area, in the fields designated for this purpose.


These Terms of Use are governed by Portuguese Law. The nutry4ALL websites, policies, information and contents are governed by current Portuguese legislation. Nutry4ALL is not subject to compliance with any legal, regulatory or any other rules, procedures and / or requirements that result or may result from the legal framework of Users who are nationals of other countries or who reside there, nor assume any responsibility thereunder .

In the event of a dispute, in the interpretation or application of these Terms of Use, the Portuguese Courts are competent, specifically those of the jurisdiction of Lisbon, with express waiver of any others.


The declaration of invalidity, illegality or ineffectiveness of any provision of these Terms of Use shall not affect the remaining provisions, which shall remain in full force and effect.